Productivity Week – Post 5 To Don’t List

My goal with these productivity post is to be helpful no necessarily original. This post is inspired by four different things that were inputs into my life this week and they all pointed back to the same thing – You have to have a “To Don’t List”.

Here are the four things and then I will explain:

  1. Craig Groeschel’s Blog (this one and this one)
  2. Perry Noble’s Blog (this one)
  3. Marcus Buckingham’s Leadership Training
  4. Lifepoint Last Sunday

All four of these things pointed me back to doing what only you can do. That means that not only should there be a “To Don’t List” but you have to keep a handle on this frequently and again relentlessly (my new favorite word).

In the first two blogs I was reminded that you have to stay focused on the main things and that means saying no to a lot of other good things.

I the Buckingham Training (Trombone Player Wanted) – We saw the same theme, play to your strengths and try to stay away from your weaknesses or if they are things you have to do, narrow the amount of time you spend there (like 25% of your day).

And at Lifepoint last weekend, I found myself doing task that I had no business doing and by me doing them it weakened Lifepoint, Me and kept someone else with that skill set from serving in ministry.

What is it that you need to quit doing? Start today.. I mean stop today!

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