I’m pulling for you (but I’m not the only one)

I know a lot of you are setting some goals for the new year and you should. If you don’t set goals for yourself then two things will happen: 1) Somebody else will 2) You have no chance of achieving them.

So set your goals, make a plan to achieve them, work the plan daily and know that there are people cheering you on. I love seeing people succeed, so let me know what your goals are and I will pray for you and cheer you on big time. If that is not motivating enough for you, there is someone else cheering you on this year and it’s God. He is giddy this time of year, when people are dreaming of fresh starts and setting goals. He is hoping you will set some BHAG’s (big hairy audacious goals) and look to Him to achieve them.

I just listened to one of my kid’s virtue songs and it is on indiviuality. The chorus says “anybody can be like everybody, nobody can be like you or me“. That is so true and that is why I think God is so interested in your goals for this year. You are the only you, He gave you certian gifts and areas of influence that no one else in this world has.

So don’t play it safe this year. Go for it with your goals!! Just remember to give all the credit and glory to God.

One thought on “I’m pulling for you (but I’m not the only one)

  1. Good to have you back strick. I’ve got some 2007 changes that I want to make in my life. I’ll share them with you so you can kick my tail if I don’t live them out.

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