Simple Life

Just got back from doing Christmas in South Carolina and I love going down there each year. I think the thing I love most is how simple things are in my wife’s hometown. You will find no coffee shop’s in this town, no hot spots, no mall, no off ramps. If people in this town have holes in their jeans, it’s because they have had them for a long time. I don’t think they sell a lot of hair gel there for some reason and I get my fill of deer meat while I am there (had deer sausage for breakfast, deer tenderloin wrapped in bacon for lunch and dinner).

I love driving by the dog pen (my wife’s dad trains beagles) on the way to the cabin (an unheated house like place where we eat three times a day and exchange gifts). I love seeing my kids have fun with their cousins and extended family. I love it after the smoke has cleared and the kids end up out side doing something primitive like throwing rocks or a football or something like that.

What is funny is we do this every year but this year I am more thankful for how simple life is in Cheraw than ever before and I am thankful for my wife’s parents for being so relational.

2 thoughts on “Simple Life

  1. MMmmmmmm! Deer sausage! I’m not a hunter, so I have never shot one, but I sure do love consuming them. Probably because I don’t have to look into those big brown eyes while I’m doing it. Sounds like an excellent Christmas and I am thankful with you.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed seeing what God is doing through you, Kelly, and your family. Kelly’s family is very similar to my family (they grew up in the same community) and I grew up in Cheraw (Mr. Richard was my mailman). The simple life is something I feel blessed to have known. This post took me home and put a smile on my face! Thanks for that. God Bless!

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