Learning Strickland Style and a Confession

Before I post anything else, I feel like I need to confess something. I don’t enjoy reading, not even a little bit (somebody pick Jeff up off the floor). I get easily distracted, I am thinking about twenty things that I need to be doing, I have to reread half of what I have already read to learn anything. BUT (big but), I absolutely am absorbed with learning. I love to learn about new things, new inventions, new strategies of how to do things, leadership principles, all that.

This may sound lazy but I do dig audio books, I have read way more books this way than the conventional way and probably my favorite method of learning is the see and do. The way God wired me is that if I see it I can do it, or make it, or tell someone how to.

Because I dislike reading but I love to learn I had to find a solution to my delima and here they are:

  1. I force myself to read important stuff (Bible, Leadership Books, etc.)
  2. I get audio books when they are available (this section is growing in itunes)
  3. I subscibe to this thing called Executive Book Summaries. They read the best books and summarize them in 8 pages and they also do an audio version of the summary (utopia)
  4. I read blogs of people who are pace setters

So if you see me posting on a bunch of books in a short period of time, chances are that I either listened to the audio or did the summary thing or they were really, really good.

3 thoughts on “Learning Strickland Style and a Confession

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