Dream Team Dinner

We had a special dinner tonight for all those people who served at Lifepoint in 2006 and it was a blast. We had 60 people there and the energy was high. I am so excited about what is going on in our church and in peoples lives. If you are one of the Dream Team members at Lifepoint, thanks, you make it all happen.

Jeff, shared some highlights for 2006 tonight and as he talked about the 60 people who surrendered their lives to Christ this year at Lifepoint, all I could think about is the over 65 Dream Team members getting shoulder to shoulder every weekend so these people could meet God. From the people who make the website appealing to the person who pulls the first case off the trailer and the army of people who carry people from the parking lot to their seats all of you play a role in people starting a never ending relationship with Jesus. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!!!!

And for those people out their who can’t figure out where to utilize your spiritual gifts, just link arms with one of these guys or gals and point people to Jesus!!!

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