Freedom Is Definately Not Free or Is It?

MemorialI got an email last night from a friend whos son is in Iraq serving our country. He is 21 years on and has been there for two weeks. He lost his best friend this week and four others from his group. The oldest was 26 and one of them was from North Carolina.

I have to admit until I got this email last night, I had pushed these guys and gals to a part of my heart and brain that I don’t visit much (maybe Veteran’s Day, 4th of July, and a few minutes before a ballgame or race). After I got the email, I did a little reading about what is going on in Iraq. Since the war started we have lost 2929 USA soldiers. Just this month 38 have already died. Here is a link to the names of each of them. 56% of all of those killed are under age 25, the number one group was just 21.

If you are a soldier and you stumble across this, I am sorry that I don’t think about and pray for you more. I wake up everyday, thank God for another day, kiss my wife and kids and go about my day. I can do this because because of two freedoms. One is the freedom that these men and woman risk their life for everyday, this one is not free at all but it very costly. The other is a freedom that I have through my relationship with Christ. The bible says in John 8:36So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. Through my relationship with Christ I am free from death, free from any bondage of this world and free from fear. Just like the first freedom, this one is free for me but cost someone else their life.

I am so Blessed and thankful. Thank you Armed Forces and thank you Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Freedom Is Definately Not Free or Is It?

  1. Met an old man this week (Thursday, Dec. 7 to be precise), who had on one of those folded veterans caps. It said, “U.S.S. California/Pearl Harbor Survivor.” I stuck out my hand and said, “Can I have the honor of shaking you hand, Sir?” He shook it and told me, “I had the California sunk out from under me and saw action in two other major naval engagements during the war.” I felt so humbled. He is one of a large number of national treasures who are fading into history. We must not allow the treasures who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to fade away without our letting them and God know how grateful this nation is for them.

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