Coolest Part of Being a Pastor

I have served in leadership in the church for the last eleven years (the last 4 as a full-time pastor) and it is very different than the business world. I also spent 8 years in corporate America and comparing the two is like comparing apples and aardvarks.

One thing about ministry that is tough is that it is really hard to turn it off. Because of the implications (heaven and hell) it is hard not to think about, talk about, be consumed by the people around you and your church. It is doubly hard when your spouse is active in ministry as well. If this sounds like a rant, it is not. Ministry is tough, tiring and tumultuous but it is also rewarding, exhilarating and extremely fulfilling.

No matter how long I have been going, no matter how tough things have been, no matter how many negative comments I have dealt with, there is one thing that trumps any negative things about ministry and that is baptism. When I see people get baptized I am filled to overflowing. I experience all of the positive emotions. I cry, I am full of joy, I am excited and I remember why I do what I do. When I see people excited about their relationship with Christ to the point that they have to let others know then I am totally fulfilled. This is the great equalizer in my life. When the score is 45-0 in the enemies favor, I call on the baptism play and we take the lead!

Last night at Lifepoint we had the privelge of seeing 9 people tell the world they are on the team and follow through with baptism. I had the pleasure of doing the baptism part of the service, so I was on cloud nine. The coolest part about last night though for me was number 9. The last person to be baptized last night was my oldest son Noah. I love this kid with all of my heart and to see him step in the water last night and say I want to live my life for Jesus, that’s all a dad can dream for.

So, to say I am living a dream would be an understatement.

One thought on “Coolest Part of Being a Pastor

  1. I sooo appreciate all you do! I’m so glad that Mia got to be Baptized by such a great Godly man. I don’t say this to disrespect Pastor Jeff in any way because it would have been equally great for him to baptize her. Anyway, thanks again for all you guys do—you guys are the best!!!

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