This Past Month at Lifepoint

One of the things that I said I would write about was last Sunday at Lifepoint, well that was two Sunday’s ago now so I will talk about this past month.

I can’t explain exactly what I have sensed this past month at Lifepoint other than saying there has been a fresh wind. Now that seems like it implies that there was not a fresh wind before (not sure I want to experience a wind that is not so fresh). I don’t feel that way at all, but something has definitely been different for me since Friend Day. There is a new excitement. There is fresh sets of faces and cool things that God is doing in their lives. There is new focus among the staff. There is a contagious excitement in the Starting Point groups. There is a freshness with our Worship Team. There is a sense of purpose in those who call Lifepoint home.

The one Sunday that I was referencing was phenominal. I literally got lost in the service. The worship time was great, the message was solid and the energy that came from people focusing on God was breath-taking.

Lifepoint is definitely not a perfect church, we have much to learn, we tons left to implement but what is going on right now is what I moved down here for (to see people turning there eyes to the one who has all the answers, all the hope, all the love).

Thanks for loving God Lifepoint!

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