Sitting down with Perry Noble

On the way back from Atlanta a few weeks ago we were able to meet with Perry Noble from New Spring Church in Anderson, SC and it was a treat. I don’t know how much you know about Perry and New Spring but God is doing some phenomenal stuff in their church. They have seen astronomical growth in their short history. Just this year they have grown by about 4000 people (not a typo).I have to be honest, we were very nervous about meeting Perry. A lot of people ( I mean a lot) read his BLOG. We did not want to become a topic of one of his blogs like: Wasted Time or Idiots.

Perry is the real deal. He is definitely a what you see is what you get type person, which I think is refreshing to people (that’s why they are flocking to his church). I think people are fed up with the plastic bobble head pastors that put up this front on the weekends but are very different people Monday – Saturday (they dress differently, they talk differently, act differently and they actually struggle with some if not all of the the same things as everyone else but are to fake to admit it). Perry is the opposite of all of this.

Perry and his staff were awesome host to us and their excitement was off the hook (Thanks New Spring for the tour [by the way if you are building a building, check them out, they did it well], the hospitality and for showing us that awesome baptism video).

Perry shared a lot of stuff with us and I am sure I will be referencing it for years to come but out of all of the things he told us, I think the most beneficial one to me right now was to “be who you are”. This included style and age. The style is obvious but as far as age we ask him about when to roll out different ministries like youth ministry and things like that and he told us to remember that we are 10 months old. We didn’t expect our kids when they were 1o months old to do math or balance a check book and we have to allow our church to be 10 months old as well, which means we still have a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to make.

There was tons more and I will share as time goes by but it was a huge encouragement to see and feel what God is doing in Anderson, SC.

Pray for those guys big time!

One thought on “Sitting down with Perry Noble

  1. OH MY! I have just finished reading Perry’s blog entitled, “Seven Reasons Why Jesus Could Not Have Been a Pastor In Many churches.” I can almost see some of my seminary professor’s faces if they were to read this material (Boris Karloff in the original “Mummy” comes to mind). The truth in Perry’s words almost radiates heat from the computer screen! Wow! I haven’t even met this man and I am already a fan! You must have felt challenged by your meeting with him, at least I hope you were. That’s as fresh as a Fall morning breeze off the Atlantic! If you decide to take Perry’s advice to “be who you are” then I want to be who I am with you! That is as long as being who we are is who Christ makes us!

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