I’m still here

If you are wondering when I am going to post again, the answer is soon. The last ten days have been both phenomenal and a little overwhelming. I am processing my thoughts and I plan on sharing it all. Here is the elephant that I have been nibbling on for a week and what my next five post will be:

  1. Out of all of the awesome things shared at drive, what do I need to apply in my life and at Lifepoint.
  2. Sitting down with Perry Noble was awesome. What did he have to say.
  3. I love football and I love God, so what did I think of Facing the Giants.
  4. Last Sunday at Lifepoint.
  5. Children and Church.

They probably will not be in this order but that’s what is coming.

2 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Daryl, I am still reeling from last Sunday’s service too. Something happened, at least during the 11 o’clock service that seemed to transcend us, while at the same time manifest the Holy Spirit’s reality and presence to us. Like you there are a number of areas in which I am seeing a fresh awareness of God’s intentional activity. It leaves me both anxious and attentive and I am praying and trying to let it all seep into my feeble little brain (and heart). Can’t wait to hear what He reveals to you!

  2. Good to to know you’re alive man. I was starting to worry. If I update 2 times in a row and nothing comes from here something’s up. Actually if I update period somethings up but anyways, later.

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