Starting Point is So Cool

spWe decided when we where planting Lifepoint Church that we wanted all of our people to have a strong foundation from which they launch their relationship with Christ. That’s why we have implemented Starting Point at Lifepoint. We are so serious about it that it is step two of our three steps here at Lifepoint.

Starting Point is a conversational study that takes you from how to know the Bible is reliable to Creation, to Brokenness, Grace, and where you fit in the story. This stuff is great. We have people in our groups that are new in their relationship with Christ. There are people who have been Christians for many years and everywhere in between. There is homework and each week there is a message CD that goes with the lesson. Our people are eating the material alive and the discussion is fun. I can’t wait until we meet each week to hear what everyone thought about the study.

Any way, I just can’t help but get excited when I see people getting excited about God and understanding more who He is and how much He loves them.

One thought on “Starting Point is So Cool

  1. Even though Starting Point is step two……BTW I can’t believe noone has stopped and chukled about that yet…… has been really awesome to see how when presented with the right question it inspires you to learn the answer..and not in a ‘yes or no’ type response but with a ‘wow I never realized that about my life and where it fits into God’s story’ …… it bro!

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