Worshipping With A Football?

FootballI know a lot of people worship football but have you ever worshipped with a football? I did yesterday and it was cool. I shared for part of our message yesterday and it was related to when I coached high school football, so I wore my coaching shirt and brought a football with me. As we got into our worship set I found myself singing to God with my eyes closed and a football lifted up. It was cool and weird. It was like it was a tambourine or something. The coolest part was a mental image that I got while I was doing this. Here it goes: Our passions when used properly are a tool for worshipping God, when used improperly, become the god we worship. I will let you think about that for a while.

2 thoughts on “Worshipping With A Football?

  1. thats cool. When I was at Liberty we had a teacher that would pass around a ‘worship footbal’ when we wanted to share creative ideas. maybe we could impliment that with yours!

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