Having Trouble Staying In My Skin

excitedI am just about to pop! This series that we are doing at church is rocking my world and God is sending people to Lifepoint that are getting their world rocked (in a good way). I don’t want to get weird on you but God was in the house yesterday. Jeff was rocking, the band was rocking and the message was rocking. We are talking to different people everyday and they are telling us how this series is helping them and challenging them (a series on adultery and affairs).

Is the reason that I am about to bust today

A). It is Catalyst Week.

B). It is week 2 of Starting Point.

C). We wrap up Love Affair with a strong message called “Forever Faithful.

D). The Panthers have won two in a row.

E). $0.99 menu at Taco Bell

Actually it is F. all of the above.

I can’t believe I get to be me. To top it off, I have been following this Pastor in Anderson, SC and on his blog last week, I read how 8200 showed up at their church last week (he challenged his people to invite friends and family who don’t know Christ) and over 2oo of them gave their lives to Christ. As I read this, I was so excited and the cool thing is I am just as excited about the 236 people that were at Lifepoint last week. We serve an awesome God who is at work and using faithful people!

Stay prayed up this week!

2 thoughts on “Having Trouble Staying In My Skin

  1. Strick,

    don’t pop baby, I need my baldheaded man. You’re excitement is contagious.

    Catalyst is gonna rock…don’t worry I got your back.


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