Picking Your Team

JMAX DEVOI love team sports and I love to see teams that really work together. Some of my favorite people in life are coaches. I think of Lombardi, Knoll, Wooden, Dean Smith and on a much more personal level people like Stacey Houser, Bob Paroli, Mike Paroli, Wes Hill (Coaches that mean a lot to me). All of these guys coach athletic teams and are good at it. I also look up to life coaches, people who really want to see you succeed in life. Two of my favorites are Andy Stanley and John Maxwell. Me and Kelli had a cool opportunity a few years ago to go to John Maxwell’s house and have dinner. The primary reason for this dinner was to raise money for Equip (Leadership Training Organization), however, you can’t be around John Maxwell long and not see that he wants to make you better. It is in him, he just can’t stop. After we ate dinner, he carried all to his study and he invested in each of us a principle that I still use today (I will share it later). Each day I read a leadership devotioinal of John’s and I am amazed at how God has gifted him as a leader and how he makes things so transferable. I said all that so that I could share for one of the devotional from last week.

Here it is: Picking Your Team

I want the people close to me to…

  • Know my heart: This takes time for both of us and desire on their part.
  • Be loyal to me: They are an extension of me and my work.
  • Be trustworthy: They must not abuse authority, power, or confidences.
  • Be discerning: They make decisions for me.
  • Have a servant’s heart: They carry a heavy load because of my high demands.
  • Be a good thinker: Our two heads are better than my one.
  • Be able to follow through: They take authority and carry out the vision.
  • Have a great heart for God: My heart for God is my driving force in life.

(Taken from Leadership a devotional by John C. Maxwell)

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