Jim Collins

CollinsTo me this session was the highlight of the conference. Jim Collins is the author of Good to Great and Built to Last (two powerhouse business books). I don’t know that I can do justice to what he covered but I will say this, If you read one book this month with the purpose of learning how to be better at something, read Jim’s small paperback monograph called Good to Great in the Social

Sector.Good to Great

It was pretty interesting to hear a business guy say that churches and non-profits don’t need to emulate businesses because most businesses are mediocre at best and the mission we have is to important to emulate that. He said the issue isn’t busniess vs. social but good vs. great (this stuff is good and there is no way I can convey this message correctly).

Here is a cool question to ask your self periodically. What would be lost if your church disappeared? If we cease to exist tomorrow, who will miss us? Are we feeding the hungery, helping those in need, growing a movement of people that are passionately in love with Christ? Do you and your organization have the disipline to do something great or will you settle for good?

Here is a few quotes from his session:

“The moment you think you are great, you aren’t”

“Rarely are concensus and right decisions the same”

“When you are in mission driven stuff, your work is to important to have the wrong people on the bus”

“Great producers (people) wake up in the morning and do great things – they can’t help it. To ask them not to do great things woudl be like asking them not to breathe” (that’s strong)

“True leaders get people to do things that they have the freedom not to do”

“Building something great is not a function of your circumstance but a function of your choices” (read that one again)

Anyway, maybe I am weird but this stuff gets me pumped. Good is the enemy of Great!

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