BonoJust like the last post on Jim Collins, I can not do justice to the power of this session. Bono bacially called the church out on the carpet and said, there is a world wide crisis going on and this generation can’t say that we didn’t have the resources, or the knowledge to help. His talk was ispirational and authentic.

Probably the thing that will stick with me the most is the following quote. Bono said: “It is crazy to think that a rock star would be held in greater esteme than a teacher or a doctor or someone important but we are. However, celebrity status is currency and I intend to spend it”.

Bono goes on to tell how he has been captivated by the AIDS issue in Africa and how he will spend the rest of his life to help make a difference for those people. Go to ONE.ORG to learn more.

It blows me away to see God’s plan in action. If Bono didn’t take the route he did (rock star) he would have the influence that he does. The stuff He was doing thousands of years ago, He is doing today!

Hope you enjoyed the Summit through my eyes. This is my last post on it.

God Bless!

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