James Meeks

MeeksThis next guy was a new face to me but he has been working hard for a while. He is an African American pastor in Chicago and his church is running 25,000 members. The cool thing is that 9,000 of them came last year and they baptized over 5,000 people last year.

He talked about church growth and convinced me that anything planted in the Kingdom will grow. Here is what he highlighted as enemies of church growth that if eliminated will allow your church to grow. There were 10 but I will just highlight a few.

#1 enemy – Lack of Faith (you have to expect people to come)
#2 enemy – Lack of knowledge (proven principle will help you)
#3 enemy – Failure to recognize that God is no respecter of persons (he doesn’t love Billy Graham, Rick Warren, or Bill Hybels anymore than he loves you)
#4 enemy – Not thinking that growth is the goal for a New Testament Church (your church is supposed to grow. Growth shows that the branches are abiding in the body)
#5 enemy – Uncertainty (you have to have clarity on direction)
#6 enemy – Failure to build upon small victories (each victory God grants you will help you to win another one)
#7 enemy – Not getting started – God is not going to show you everything you have to have faith.
#10 enemy – Motive – You have to want it for the right reasons.

This guy was good and I believe that not only does God want our church to grow but he wants each of us to grow and these things apply to us as well.

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