Choosing to Cheat

AndyAndy Stanley was the third speaker at the conference and Andy is one of my favorite communicators. When he talks, it just makes sense.

The talk he gave was a familar one to me but was very fresh and very sobbering. Andy talked about his best decision as a leader was to choose to cheat the church and not his family. His point was that God calls us to feed the church and love our wives, not feed our wives and love the church. God’s word says love your wives as Christ loves the church. God’s word also says that I(God) will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. That means that the fate of our churches are in God’s hands not ours. By no means is Andy saying that we should passively sit and do nothing but what he is saying is that you have to fullfil your unique roles (husband, father, wife, mom) and do your best at your other roles and leave the results up to him. I highly recommend the book he wrote called Choosing to Cheat. This is not just a church this is in business, in life. If you are a workaholic or your schedule stays packed, get the book!

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