Before and After P90X

This year has been a year of health for me (more on that in another post). Part of that has been a physical up-fit that included P90X.

I started this year weighing in at 230 pounds and wearing size 40 pants. The current stats are 180 pounds and size 32 pants!!

Here are some photos of the 230 man and the skinnier guy that’s working his way out.

Photos: (1-3 are 230 lbs, 4-5 are pre-P90X, 6-10 are post-P90X)

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7 Responses to “Before and After P90X”

  1. Woah, it’s so amazing to see! I can’t wait to post results once we get to our goal. Thanks for the extra motivation and inspiration!

  2. Great job brother!!! That really rocks.. We at Centerpoint in Chillicothe are trying to follow you guys. We did a half marathon to start the year, all saw success. Haven’t been able to stay consistent with P90x thus far. Pastor Chris VanBuskirk is headed your way next week so be sure to get him motivated P90x style.. .Again great job.

  3. Congratulations Daryl, I have followed your progress with each post. This is awesome!

  4. Now thats who i remember, welcome back man!!

  5. You can’t put pics of kimbo slice up there and expect us to think that’s supposed to be you!

  6. sheilacowell Says:

    Wow!!! you look like one of those commercials! thanks for the “inspiration” ….love the new blog look too Daryl!!

  7. [...] the body fat I got inspired once again after reading my friend Daryl Strickland’s weightloss story, it’s legit. It encouraged me to keep going. As I shed pounds and body fat, [...]

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